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Timescape Zero "Everything Short Of Total War"

One of the first "metal-core" bands, Timescape Zero started out in the early 90s and made an impact immediately, winning both "Best Local Demo" and "Best New Band" at the South Florida Slammie Awards. They recorded a handful releases before getting together to record a final full length called "Total War". Vocalist, Adel 156, took all of their early material and compiled into this disc appropriately titled "Everything Short Of Total War". As you can see from the tracklisting, this features:
-"Welcome To The Kali Yuga" (1992 Demo)
-"Life In Sodom" (1993 Demo)
-Split 7 Inch with Subliminal Criminal (1993)
-"Born With The Fear Of Dreaming (1994 Album)

A total of 18 tracks. You'll probably notice the photo on the back where it looks like Adel is bleeding...well he was. During a show they were playing at Cheers in 1996, he used a razor to carve the word "Zero" into his chest. It was always an experience...I hit up Adel and here's what he had to say about the band:

"In late 1991, in the ashes of Hangman (two songs on 7" comp Notes From the South on Youth Bus Records), the musicians tried to keep it going with a rotating door of vocalists.
I was friends with the guys, and a few years after fronting Miami's first straightedge band, Violent Deed, had it with playing live, but offered to help with band practice.
After the first they asked me to join. I declined.
After the second, I re-thought, when they asked again.
By the third, I was hooked on the songs.
It was a tumultuous sound for the time, especially south Florida, which was still a bit stuck in 3-chord limbo. The band wanted a list of words or phrases that meant "the apocalypse".  It was long, but one phrase stuck out, and we chose the name: Timescape Zero.
By our second show, the original guitarist - Frank - left to join the military, and was soon replaced by Bry, who had roots in the local punk and hardcore scene, and his hardcore band Beyond Reason (7" on Youth Bus Records) had just disband.
We played together for a while, then just before Hurricane Andrew, a friend offered to sneak us into Miami-Dade Community College’s south campus’ recording room at night, and we record our first demo, Welcome to the Kaliyuga.
We dubbed it on piss-poor tapes, as we were piss poor to afford professional pressing, or even decent tapes.
By the time it fairly got around, and we snuck into the studio to try another demo (Life in Sodom), in early ’93, the musical climate was changing in Florida.
It was still 3-chords, but so very different.
Floor, Bloodlet, Load, Faliure Face, Machine, Assück, Subliminal Criminal, even my other band, Shroud.
Timescape Zero was still our band, but my heart went elsewhere, and you could hear it as the recordings went on.
I still love that demo though."

 I ripped the CD as a VBR so it sounds nice and loud as well giving you scans of the front and back. No insert was given and the CD was a CDR.

Timescape Zero "Everything Short Of Total War"

Check out an old video of the band from 1992 playing in Miami. If you go to Youtube via the video, Adel has uploaded other live sets of theirs.

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