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History of a burning declaration…
Abysmal started in mid-1992. Music wise, the scene was in a spiraling change as Black Metal was on the rise and its brethren, Death Metal, was on its way to a cryogenic tube somewhere. The first demo entitled ‘Surrealistic Fatality” was originally composed of seven songs and had a different cassette cover. These songs were comprised of the band’s original compositions and 4 other tracks which had been performed with other local area musicians. A few months later, it was decided to no longer continue to disseminate this version of the demo and 2 more songs were recorded. This final inclusion was to become what the 1992 demo remained as. The band enjoyed a little momentum from radio play at a local radio station and heavy distribution of the demo through means of trading it with other bands and submitting it to independently run magazines in the U.S. and Europe.
Situations arose and two original members were unable to continue a commitment toward the existence of the band. A new drummer and guitar player were added to the mix. Again, the hand of fate proved to twist the knife slowly in the band’s existence as, rehearsal space used by Abysmal and another local band was broken into and expensive music gear stolen. This delivered a fatal stab to any further efforts to compose new songs. Both new members decided to quit leaving the band’s vocalist as the only surviving member.
The band was put to slumber for several years and in 2005, new songs were composed by the reunited 1992 line up and recorded. These songs continued to be in a Death Metal/Thrash vein owing a debt to the band’s influences. Financial and health related problems strike forcing Abysmal to not release these new songs.
In early 2012, an opportunity timely manifested whereby Abysmal is able to shake off difficulties and get at it once again. A vinyl only release compilation is planned and fully materialized by late fall of the same year. This LP is limited and hand numbered to 250 copies only. The contents of it are comprised of all the songs featured in the 1992 demo, 2005 demo and a few extras that were deemed to be part of the band’s history in one way or another.
The idea to revive the very existence of the band’s recordings was a simple one. With communications being a vital component of today’s living, it was not long before through a curious search led to discovering several people were still trading the 1992 demo! The very fact our songs had found a way to survive for 20 years was in itself a much welcomed honor and not taken lightly.
The band is now currently on its feet. Our eyes are set not on glory or adoration from multitudes. These are not the values by which we live. The only true call is that of Metal and the propagation of it as if it were a plague.  Recently, a musical project brought back together many friends in the Miami, FL and blessed the re-animation of Abysmal. Planning for a new set of recordings is underway and anxiously being prepared for. It is a promise that it will be as it always had been: heavy, deadly and heartless. We would not have it any other way.
In the meantime, we hope that the songs in the record are of your enjoyment. Things may have changed drastically in the last few years but, one has not: the spirit of Metal. Specters of Death- Arise!

Respectfully war-torn…

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