Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Foolproof "1996 Demo"

This is the demo that started it all for this Miami Punk band. Fast, Fat Wreck style punk with lots of melody. This has 2 songs, one of which was never re-recorded (to the best of my knowledge). Personally, I prefer the version of Plastic World on here to the full length. I hit up Andres and here's what he had to say about the demo:

"Yeah we recorded it at the old Miami Dade studio . We were still in high school. We were inspired by Caught Inside to start recording music because we went to school together. I played drums and sang during these times. We were still trying to find our sound. Plastic world was re-recorded for Ego."

I picked this up at a show in early 1996 when they played at Cheers. The rip is an old rip so it's not the highest bitrate (I'll try and re-rip it soon) but I scanned the cover and insert yesterday. All scans are included in the download. 

Foolproof "1996 Demo"

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  1. Oh man Chip. This is the first show I met you and Roy at. This brings back memories bro.