Sunday, March 8, 2015

Morning Again and Brethren Reunion Show

South Florida's Morning Again and Brethren will reunite on July 11th for a show at Churchills. Morning Again's recorded output will be re-released on vinyl to coincide with the show. Revelation Records will handle the reissue of "As Tradition Dies Slowly" while Demons Run Amok Records will handle the rest of the bands releases.

For up to date information, check out the show page on Facebook by clicking here:

Morning Again and Brethren as Churchills

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Guilty Conscience Record Release Show, March 21st

So I'm back. It's been a while but here I am. I'm going to try and update this more often so bear with me.

To kick things off, South Florida's Guilty Conscience will be releasing their debut 7 inch on March 21st. The show will be held at O'Malley's in Margate. With paid admission, you will receive a FREE copy of their debut 7 inch

If you haven't heard them, they play fast hardcore in that Ten Yard Fight vein and feature Break Even Booking's John on vocals.

You can check out Guilty Conscience by clicking the link below.

"Guilty Conscience on Bandcamp"

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nervous Breakdown "last show" video

Now we all know NB had numerous "last" shows and "reunions" and the next one is coming soon I'm sure and I honestly can't wait because I love their songs. As corny and/or bad some may call it I think they are great and on point. I relate to the lyrics more frequently then your favorite emo band lyric and this show specifically is the most memorable out of all because it was probably the most scared I ever was at a show. People came out of mosh retirement, noses were smashed, people climbed onto the ceiling...literally, bananas were thrown around the room, fireworks were fired, and fights collided. There was a lot of character and a lot of Florida history made and present in this room on March first 2009. And with that came shanangans. 

There was a lot of contraversy about the photos and the videos being released. Mostly due to yours truly. Let me explain... At the show my friend Cavans camera died and since he is far more superior photographer I decided to let him borrow  my camera. So basically what happened was I had his photographs and we decided that I would send them to him a few days after the show so he could edit and post them on AFL(all florida hardcore message board). While I explained to AFL the situation the members (notable mentions KTS, Dropout and others) decided they strongly disagree and " do not give a fuck who took them" and wanted to see them online that night. One thing lead to another and they ended up never being posted anywhere. Until two years later on a myspace page. It was pure internet beef about photography rights and copyrights. It was great, and so the moral of the story is that I am very grateful for this video. Because there is no other documentation of this show. Besides the pictures on my computer that are lost on the internet yet again. Hope this doesn't spark any more beef in the internet world because it doesn't matter and I love KTS and every other band from florida. 

Here are a few pictures I did take at this same show on my Flickr.

Learn Nothing

It took me a very long time to sit down and write anything about Florida hardcore for one reason or another but I finally did it, I have a number of bands and people I'd like to talk about and hopefully this is one of many posts I make, but anyways here goes nothing. I decided to pick one of the first local bands I saw as a young teen going to shows. I believe my first time seeing the band Learn Nothing was in 2007 but the more memorable and well documented times that I have seen them was possibly at their record release show in 2008 and the many local Orlando, Daytona and Tampa shows they played.

The members consisted of Danny, Nick V,Vice, Matt G, Nick V #2. They didn't release much from what I remember, they had a demo I have no possession over and a self titles 7" released by "dead end records" and numerous memorable shows and song covers, and who can forget the Brittany bold head shirt. The only link I can provide with their music would be their myspace page since then that was the only way of sharing music.

My memory of LN is very vivid. They were my favorite band to watch live, since at the time I only seen people in videos or on TV literally go crazy while playing their set the singer Nick would always randomly jump around and hit the mic on his head and run into the crowed. And the crowds reaction was always a positive. There was always one or two people beating up the rest of the room. I remember getting my first big injury at a Learn Nothing show at blackbox collective sometime in the year 2008.

LN was a very fast hardcore band their songs average what a minute max with depressing and aggressive lyrics. And I guess the shows went very well with that. They did covers like boiling point by SSD.

The following video was probably the most hilarious show I have ever been to, it was in Clermont,FL literally in the middle of nowhere but about 60 kids showed up most of no knowledge of what hardcore is, and lets just say the end result was like a SNL skecth, oh and did I mention my mom drove me to this show? There are a few parts to the video so you can watch the full set. There is a fight in there,  Ben from ( time to die a band I'd like to talk about later) is playing second guitar, also Wes from (guilt parade another band I'd like to talk about) is playing fake drums behind the actual drummer of LN. Also this is the night when Pat's( Meantime/Axis bands I will also talk about) ponytail was cut off by me and a few others.

Learn nothing broke up in February 6th 2010, their last show took place at the transitions art gallery in Tampa Florida.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

R.I.P. Keyholder

For those of you who have not heard the news. West Palm Beach based hardcore band Keyholder is calling it quits. Guitarist Mikey Flores stated on his Facebook account "Keyholder is no longer a band. Our last show will be june 27th atLimitlessAgency Florida in boynton. Thank you to everyone who ever supported us by buying shirts,music, or just donating money to help us tour, it was a great run while it lasted."
Keyholder has 2 releases under their belt, the debut EP entitled "Ghost Songs" and more recently, a split EP with Old Friends. Links to download both will be at the bottom of this post. 
So I have to say, Rest In Peace Keyholder, one of the most humble group of guys I know.  I know these guys will move on and take part in some very successful bands. Be sure to go to their farewell show June 27th and Limitless Studios with Capsize, No Omega, Minutes and Miles, and Burn Them At The Stakes. 

 Download Keyholder/Old Friends Split
Download Keyholder's Ghost Songs EP
Keyholder's Facebook

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Response Negative

Response Negative on Facebook

Response Negative EP

Take a trip back to 2003... I was first getting into the local Metal scene and went to a local show at Spankys. The lineup was Cyst, Summer Dying, Red Rocket Fiasco and the co headliner was Response Negative. I remember hearing alot of people at the show hyping them up and mentioning that they had recently recruited Bobby Gustafson from Overkill. Needless to say, they stole the show that night and were some awesome guys to boot. I went on to watch these guys practice twice a week for the next 4 years. Awesome Death/Thrash band from West Palm Beach who are still tearing up the stage.

For fans of Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity, Slayer, Death and Overkill

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Abysmal on Facebook

History of a burning declaration…
Abysmal started in mid-1992. Music wise, the scene was in a spiraling change as Black Metal was on the rise and its brethren, Death Metal, was on its way to a cryogenic tube somewhere. The first demo entitled ‘Surrealistic Fatality” was originally composed of seven songs and had a different cassette cover. These songs were comprised of the band’s original compositions and 4 other tracks which had been performed with other local area musicians. A few months later, it was decided to no longer continue to disseminate this version of the demo and 2 more songs were recorded. This final inclusion was to become what the 1992 demo remained as. The band enjoyed a little momentum from radio play at a local radio station and heavy distribution of the demo through means of trading it with other bands and submitting it to independently run magazines in the U.S. and Europe.
Situations arose and two original members were unable to continue a commitment toward the existence of the band. A new drummer and guitar player were added to the mix. Again, the hand of fate proved to twist the knife slowly in the band’s existence as, rehearsal space used by Abysmal and another local band was broken into and expensive music gear stolen. This delivered a fatal stab to any further efforts to compose new songs. Both new members decided to quit leaving the band’s vocalist as the only surviving member.
The band was put to slumber for several years and in 2005, new songs were composed by the reunited 1992 line up and recorded. These songs continued to be in a Death Metal/Thrash vein owing a debt to the band’s influences. Financial and health related problems strike forcing Abysmal to not release these new songs.
In early 2012, an opportunity timely manifested whereby Abysmal is able to shake off difficulties and get at it once again. A vinyl only release compilation is planned and fully materialized by late fall of the same year. This LP is limited and hand numbered to 250 copies only. The contents of it are comprised of all the songs featured in the 1992 demo, 2005 demo and a few extras that were deemed to be part of the band’s history in one way or another.
The idea to revive the very existence of the band’s recordings was a simple one. With communications being a vital component of today’s living, it was not long before through a curious search led to discovering several people were still trading the 1992 demo! The very fact our songs had found a way to survive for 20 years was in itself a much welcomed honor and not taken lightly.
The band is now currently on its feet. Our eyes are set not on glory or adoration from multitudes. These are not the values by which we live. The only true call is that of Metal and the propagation of it as if it were a plague.  Recently, a musical project brought back together many friends in the Miami, FL and blessed the re-animation of Abysmal. Planning for a new set of recordings is underway and anxiously being prepared for. It is a promise that it will be as it always had been: heavy, deadly and heartless. We would not have it any other way.
In the meantime, we hope that the songs in the record are of your enjoyment. Things may have changed drastically in the last few years but, one has not: the spirit of Metal. Specters of Death- Arise!

Respectfully war-torn…

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Timescape Zero "Everything Short Of Total War"

One of the first "metal-core" bands, Timescape Zero started out in the early 90s and made an impact immediately, winning both "Best Local Demo" and "Best New Band" at the South Florida Slammie Awards. They recorded a handful releases before getting together to record a final full length called "Total War". Vocalist, Adel 156, took all of their early material and compiled into this disc appropriately titled "Everything Short Of Total War". As you can see from the tracklisting, this features:
-"Welcome To The Kali Yuga" (1992 Demo)
-"Life In Sodom" (1993 Demo)
-Split 7 Inch with Subliminal Criminal (1993)
-"Born With The Fear Of Dreaming (1994 Album)

A total of 18 tracks. You'll probably notice the photo on the back where it looks like Adel is bleeding...well he was. During a show they were playing at Cheers in 1996, he used a razor to carve the word "Zero" into his chest. It was always an experience...I hit up Adel and here's what he had to say about the band:

"In late 1991, in the ashes of Hangman (two songs on 7" comp Notes From the South on Youth Bus Records), the musicians tried to keep it going with a rotating door of vocalists.
I was friends with the guys, and a few years after fronting Miami's first straightedge band, Violent Deed, had it with playing live, but offered to help with band practice.
After the first they asked me to join. I declined.
After the second, I re-thought, when they asked again.
By the third, I was hooked on the songs.
It was a tumultuous sound for the time, especially south Florida, which was still a bit stuck in 3-chord limbo. The band wanted a list of words or phrases that meant "the apocalypse".  It was long, but one phrase stuck out, and we chose the name: Timescape Zero.
By our second show, the original guitarist - Frank - left to join the military, and was soon replaced by Bry, who had roots in the local punk and hardcore scene, and his hardcore band Beyond Reason (7" on Youth Bus Records) had just disband.
We played together for a while, then just before Hurricane Andrew, a friend offered to sneak us into Miami-Dade Community College’s south campus’ recording room at night, and we record our first demo, Welcome to the Kaliyuga.
We dubbed it on piss-poor tapes, as we were piss poor to afford professional pressing, or even decent tapes.
By the time it fairly got around, and we snuck into the studio to try another demo (Life in Sodom), in early ’93, the musical climate was changing in Florida.
It was still 3-chords, but so very different.
Floor, Bloodlet, Load, Faliure Face, Machine, Assück, Subliminal Criminal, even my other band, Shroud.
Timescape Zero was still our band, but my heart went elsewhere, and you could hear it as the recordings went on.
I still love that demo though."

 I ripped the CD as a VBR so it sounds nice and loud as well giving you scans of the front and back. No insert was given and the CD was a CDR.

Timescape Zero "Everything Short Of Total War"

Check out an old video of the band from 1992 playing in Miami. If you go to Youtube via the video, Adel has uploaded other live sets of theirs.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Foolproof "1996 Demo"

This is the demo that started it all for this Miami Punk band. Fast, Fat Wreck style punk with lots of melody. This has 2 songs, one of which was never re-recorded (to the best of my knowledge). Personally, I prefer the version of Plastic World on here to the full length. I hit up Andres and here's what he had to say about the demo:

"Yeah we recorded it at the old Miami Dade studio . We were still in high school. We were inspired by Caught Inside to start recording music because we went to school together. I played drums and sang during these times. We were still trying to find our sound. Plastic world was re-recorded for Ego."

I picked this up at a show in early 1996 when they played at Cheers. The rip is an old rip so it's not the highest bitrate (I'll try and re-rip it soon) but I scanned the cover and insert yesterday. All scans are included in the download. 

Foolproof "1996 Demo"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chocolate Grasshopper "Live At The Cameo Theater, 1986"

During a quick search, I saw that good ol' George Van Orsdel of The Van Orsdels was kind enough upload this early video of Chocolate Grasshopper playing at the Cameo Theater. The video is broken up into 5 parts so if you just follow the link, you can view the whole thing. Expect a post with the original Chocolate Grasshopper demo in the near future but until then, enjoy this glimpse back into the early days of the Miami Punk Scene.