Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nervous Breakdown "last show" video

Now we all know NB had numerous "last" shows and "reunions" and the next one is coming soon I'm sure and I honestly can't wait because I love their songs. As corny and/or bad some may call it I think they are great and on point. I relate to the lyrics more frequently then your favorite emo band lyric and this show specifically is the most memorable out of all because it was probably the most scared I ever was at a show. People came out of mosh retirement, noses were smashed, people climbed onto the ceiling...literally, bananas were thrown around the room, fireworks were fired, and fights collided. There was a lot of character and a lot of Florida history made and present in this room on March first 2009. And with that came shanangans. 

There was a lot of contraversy about the photos and the videos being released. Mostly due to yours truly. Let me explain... At the show my friend Cavans camera died and since he is far more superior photographer I decided to let him borrow  my camera. So basically what happened was I had his photographs and we decided that I would send them to him a few days after the show so he could edit and post them on AFL(all florida hardcore message board). While I explained to AFL the situation the members (notable mentions KTS, Dropout and others) decided they strongly disagree and " do not give a fuck who took them" and wanted to see them online that night. One thing lead to another and they ended up never being posted anywhere. Until two years later on a myspace page. It was pure internet beef about photography rights and copyrights. It was great, and so the moral of the story is that I am very grateful for this video. Because there is no other documentation of this show. Besides the pictures on my computer that are lost on the internet yet again. Hope this doesn't spark any more beef in the internet world because it doesn't matter and I love KTS and every other band from florida. 

Here are a few pictures I did take at this same show on my Flickr.


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  2. Can you reupload Caught Inside -Bolts in the machine ep?
    Thanks in advance!